Selling Your Home

What’s expected of sellers on or before closing?

Connecticut Valley Title Services will be working closely with your lender and realtor to ensure the closing on your new home proceeds professionally and timely.

Sales Contract Obligations
Connecticut Valley Title Services, Inc. will conduct your closing according to the terms agreed upon in your Purchase and Sale Agreement. That Contract should contain all agreements between the buyer and seller. Should you have any questions about any items in your contract, please discuss it with your real estate agent prior to closing. It is best to get any contract issues resolved before getting to the closing.


Mortgage Payoff Information
All existing liens on the property will be required to be paid off. You will need to provide Connecticut Valley Title Services, Inc. with the names, phone numbers and loan numbers of all existing mortgage holders.


Deed to your property
Seller is required to provide a deed transferring title to the buyer. Connecticut Valley Title Services, Inc. can prepare the deed on your behalf if you need that service.


At closing, please be prepared to provide picture identification that includes your signature (ie: valid driver’s license).


Closing Funds
Funds brought to closing must be in the form of a bank or certified check payable to Accurate Title. Personal checks are not legally acceptable.