At Connecticut Valley Title Services, Inc., we have conducted foreclosure and evictions in New Hampshire for decades. As such, we are deeply familiar with the process of foreclosure in the State of New Hampshire. Our firm has represented some of the major national mortgage services in the U.S. We know the default process backward and forward, and we have the experience and hard-earned knowledge to help banks and other services process stagnant properties and get them back on the market.
Managing Homeowner-Tenant Conflicts
The process of foreclosure and eviction can be stressful. As such, sometimes a default proceeding will get held up by legal challenges initiated by the homeowner or tenant, delaying the post-foreclosure eviction. Our firm can litigate these issues effectively to make sure that the default process does not get mired in unnecessary lawsuits. We manage each default on a case-by-case basis, making sure the process continues to move forward in the face of potential obstacles.
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Set up an appointment to speak with Jon Weidman about the property that has gone into default. We handle foreclosures in New Hampshire and can provide clarity and structure to what can sometimes be a stressful process.